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Tall & Mighty. The Kings of coffee vending 


Sigma Touch

The definition of hi-tech.

The Sigma Touch brings a whole new dimension to the provision of hot beverages thanks to its fully integrated, 19-inch high-definition, interactive touch screen

menu and 9-bar pressurised espresso brewer.

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Neo brings the coffee shop directly to you, serving a delicious range of high quality beverages.

The patented In-Touch selection system incorporates large icon buttons which are akin to many consumer electronic devices. 

Finished in ebony gloss with a wallpaper graphic system and LED backlighting;

allowing the machine to be visually transformed.

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Very stylish.


Ideal for 'swish' offices and keynote public buildings; in fact, any location where design is an important consideration.

Not that it's a slouch in performance, with its unbeatable 15 drink selection of instant, freshbrew, roast & ground bean to cup coffees. 

Also one of the 'greenest' machines around.

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Combining stunning angular design and proven robust technology, the Step freestanding range is

at the cutting edge of vending dispense systems.

Finished in smoked glass with a 12 inch video display, Step boasts a patented In-Touch interface and large icon buttons to make drink selection simple and quick.

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machines > hot drinks > free-standing