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Northbridge Vending Company

Vending you can depend on

Customers with the 'munchies'?  These guys have a lot to give.


Designed with the customer in mind, it offers the largest product variety in the industry.

Its new intuitive interface features a 3.5" colour LCD display screen, fully integrated capacitive-sensing keypad and a virtual shopping cart that users can fill with multiple items and pay for in one simple transaction.

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A machine which definitely attracts attention, maximising impulse buys with its
smart curved door design and illuminated display. 

Sturdily built and available in two size configurations to suit the location footfall. 

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With its intuitive touch screen user interface & workflow, it knows a thing 

or two about satisfying appetites and quenching thirsts.

Available in two width models - equivalent to 4 or 6 crisp packets wide - 

it is an attractively designed machine with a large, bright shop-window.

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