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Torino.  Sharp suit...check. Smooth operator...check



In keeping with the manufacturer's deserved reputation, the Torino has been designed to combine extensive drink capabilities with a clean and stylish design.

Instant, single and double freshbrew or bean to cup configurations, tell you that the Torino provides an extensive choice of sophisticated blends.

A notable feature is the Torino's ability to allow each user to design their own drink via the unique flat screen selection system. Once created, the machine will allocate a unique 'quick select code', which can then be used in future to select the exact same drink without delay.



Digital flat screen selection panel offering a comprehensive 'Coffee Shop' range of drinks

Display is also able to communicate key messages such as drink brands and ethical information i.e. promotion of FairTrade or Rain Forest Alliance causes.

Full-height machine graphic capability

Fantastic individual 'Quick Code' facility

Large, open cup station allows users to view their drink being prepared and a Jug Facility

550 cup capacity. Extendable to 1100 cup capacity with 'Dual Turret' machines*

TextAlert for real-time reporting of machine issues, reducing downtime and improving customer service

An internal audit display allows quick reference to drink audits

Inox Pricing System

i-Detect Guaranteed Vend System & change giving mechanism, make for happy customers

MDB - industry standard cash & cashless systems compatibility 


* Dual Turret Capability  
High-capacity single cup version - providing up to a massive 1100 cups
Dual cup version - can be pre-programmed to dispense drinks into different cup types.
Often this is used to offer a basic menu (tea & coffee) into a 7oz / 9oz plastic cup and premium drinks into a 9oz paper cup; allowing for a premium to be charged on the paper cup whilst retaining a lower cost option on the plastic cup. (Dual cup system to special order)


Torino Environmental Benefits

A+ Energy Rated

Incorporating the most advanced energy-saving features available, the Torino can save up to 30% more energy than equivalent size machines.
Whilst most systems rely on set time periods, Torino has in-built learning technology which monitors usage and automatically alters the shutdown and economy-mode time periods.

• Energy Learn® monitors usage whilst Energy I-Detect® features an advanced movement sensor to detects the approach of a user

• Consumes just 86 watt hours

• 90% of the The Torino hot beverage machine is recyclable at the end of life

• Paperless brewing system, no paper waste

• Cup sensor allows users to offer their own cup, so reducing plastic and paper cup usage

H 1830 mm   W 698 mm   D 720 mm   Weight 140 Kg

machines > hot drinks > free-standing > Torino